About Us

MSC Hospitality, 'The Official Host Committee of the Memorial Student Center,' produces programs that cultivate community around the living room of campus and serves as an ambassador organization for the university community.


Special Events offers members to serve in unique roles that are not offered to every student. There is service opportunities with special departments around Texas A&M and the community including; the Board of Regents, the Chancellor's Office, the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, and so many more. Leadership advancement is possible through building relationships with special guests and ambassadors of Texas A&M University.

Campus and Community searches for ways to serve Texas A&M as well as the Bryan-College Station community. Many of our projects include weekly service opportunities such as Bingo at Waterford Assisted Living and the Community Cafe with Twin City Mission. We also work with Habitat for Humanity and Camp for All, as well as put on programs like Halloween Party and Kindergarten Book Tour.

Responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the Hospitality website, listservs, as well as social media outlets for Hospitality, including Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Also heads Recruitment every semester and designs marketing schemes for Hospitality events. Designs apparel for the organization.

Internal Relations is the sub-committee responsible for bringing all the members of Hospitality together. IR will plan the all-committee socials as well as the retreats and banquets throughout the year.

Responsible for educating the community and local youth about Texas A&M's traditions through campus and Bonfire Memorial tours. Gathers groups together for attendance to Muster and Silver Taps, as well as being actively involved in Bonfire Remembrance Day and other Aggie traditions.

This subcommittee is responsible for hosting programs and events within the Memorial Student center in order to promote unity among Texas A&M students. Many of these programs occur within the Student Programs Office to bring together the 18 MSC committees while others are much larger in size, offering activities to any member of the Student Body. Serving in this subcommittee is a great way to meet students from different organizations and to use your creativity and organizational skills.

Financial Development is in charge of organizing and coordinating all fundraising events for MSC Hospitality. This includes running the Lost and Found Sale, which takes place once in the Fall and twice in the Spring, and planning smaller fundraisers throughout the year.

Devoted to growing our memberís skill sets in order to build leaders in our organization. Works to create and implement new programs for our general committee meetings and makes meetings meaningful, as well as memorable. This committee is in charge of committee socials and retreats.

Responsible for membership management, points, and online record keeping. This subcommittee is tasked with planning both the Fall and Spring MSC Open House.

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