Special Events Services

Special Events

About Special Events Services…

The Special Events Area of MSC Hospitality primarily focuses on our organization’s hosting duties. We feel that hosting is an integral part of service and each year we continue to assist an array of organizations and entities throughout Texas A&M and the Bryan/College Station community.

We are constantly searching for new avenues to assist other entities in fulfilling their event, programming, or fundraising needs by providing the best minds and spirit that Aggies have to offer.

Our goal is to become a quality and reliable source of event assistance, to create lasting partnerships with the entities we serve, and to help our members develop their leadership abilities through the service of others.

Current and Past Events We’ve Assisted:

Presidential Receptions
Hosting dignitaries of Texas A&M and Bush Foundation Speakers
Hospitality Etiquette Dinners
Bonfire Memorial Tours
Aggie 100 Ceremony
Alumni Reunions
…and plenty more!

How We Can Help You…

Our members have fulfilled the staffing and personnel needs of a variety of events and we are unique in that:

  • We can staff any event or engagement from the very casual to the most formal occasions.
  • We can accommodate engagements ranging from one hour to multiple day events.
  • Hospitality currently has 130 members prepared to assist you.
  • From freshman to seniors, our organization maintains a diverse group of students with many backgrounds and abilities.
  • Our members are the most professional and qualified students to be found at Texas A&M.
  • Hospitality has 35 years of hosting experience.

Schedule Today!

Please contact Justin Pilson at specialevents@msc.tamu.edu to see if your event could benefit from our Hospitality members.

In your volunteer request, please include the event’s time, location, details of the event, and what specific assistance is needed. Also note the attire

Timeline based on events lasting roughly 2 ½ hours. Earlier requests are preferred for longer events

Number of Volunteers Time Before Event
1-4 1 week
4-6 2 weeks
6-10 3 weeks
10-16 4 weeks
16-20 5 weeks
20-24 6 weeks

Requests must be made at least 2 weeks in advance. Due to high demand for service, we reserve the right to deny requests.
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