MSC Hospitality Membership:

MSC Hospitality accepts both undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about community service! We recruit and accept during the Fall & Spring.

So what does Hospitality membership look like?


Choose from 1 of our 7 subcommittees to find your Hospitality family!

Campus Outreach

MSC Hosp Members | Campus Outreach

Get ready to help run our Campus Wide Events in Campus Outreach, like Destress for Success!

Community Outreach

MSC Hospitality | Community Outreach

In Community Outreach, you’ll work and plan our 2 Big Community Programs of the year!

Internal Relations

MSC Hospitality | internal Relations

Internal Relations plans our fun committee socials, retreats, and banquet to support our members!

Legacy & Development

MSC Hospitality | Legacy Members

You will get the chance to network, fundraise, and improve our Hospitality brand in Legacy!


MSC Hospitality | Marketing Members

Social Media, Recruitment, and Designs: all things Marketing does for Hospitality!


MSC Hospitality | Service Members

Help find new service events in our Service Subcommittee and even plan your own!

Tours & Traditions

Share the Aggie Traditions and Story by becoming Tour Trained and an expert on all things tradition!

Committee Events:

In MSC Hospitality, you’ll be able to:

  • Attend Bi-Weekly General Committee Meetings (GCMs)

  • Go to Semesterly Retreats & Meet Your Peers

  • Conclude the School Year with our Banquet

  • Go to our Weekly Social Events

  • Serve the Bryan/College Station weekly!

MSC Hosp Members Tabling
MSC Hospitality Members @ Big/Little Reveal

Membership Requirments:

To Be a Good Member in Standing, We Ask For:

  • Semesterly Dues* (financial aid available)

  • Meet Your Service & Social Hour Requirments

  • Attend the ALL Hospitality Member Retreat

  • Come to our Bi-Weekly Committee Meetings

Click “Here” to find out about our Informationals, Recruitment, Applications, and Important Information for Spring 2024! Join our amazing committee today!